Update: Make Gmail Use SSL Permanently

Further to the previous post regarding how to set up GMail to force SSL throughout the email session, I noticed that I was having sporadic problems using the Gmail App on my mobile phone (The Gmail App is highly recommended, by the way).

It turns out that this is a known problem with the Gmail for Mobile application, but the fix is simple.

Go into the Gmail for Mobile App settings (on my phone it was in Menu > Go to > Settings), and uncheck the box that says “Always keep me signed in”.

Then make sure you select the option that says “Always use secure network connections (slower performance)” by enabling the check box beside that option.

Select “Save”, then Menu > Exit Gmail.

Now you can restart the Gmail App, sign in using your username and password, and re-select the option in the menu to keep you logged in (Menu > Go to > Settings, and then put a check mark in the box that says “Always keep me signed in”).

Since I made these changes I haven’t had any problems, and I haven’t noticed that the connection is any slower over my EDGE connection than it was before.


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