Guilty Until Proven Innocent

This is a couple of years old now, but can you imagine the heartbreak of this man, Emiliano Gomez Gonzolez?

Mr. Gonzolez and some associates pooled some money together to buy a refrigerated truck, but when he arrived to make the purchase it had already been sold.

National Public radio tackles the issue here:

The Wikipedia page has a pretty good summary of the case, as well as a few more details:$124,700

Another case of a man in the “Land of the Free” being found guilty until proving his innocence.

Note that Gonzolez did not help his situation by consenting to a search of his vehicle. I’m sure he was incredibly nervous at the time, but ALWAYS remember – no warrant, no search. Whether you think you have something to hide or not, a search of your vehicle can ONLY cause you problems, and will NEVER help you.  I also have to add that in most places (all places in the U.S.?) the police do not have to ask your permission to have a drug dog sniff around your car

Before you jump to the conclusion that Gonzolez must have been guilty because the drug dog sniffed traces of drugs in the car and on the money, let me remind you that up to 80% of U.S. currency has drug residue on it , and Gonzolez was traveling in a rental car.


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